Hello everyone! We are planning to host a free Python beginner study session every Sunday afternoon at Calibear. Join us each week to discuss Python and other programming languages with fellow learners.

Is there a fee?

There is no additional fee for the course. You only need to purchase any item in the store, such as bottled water, milk tea, snacks, etc. After purchasing, you will receive the WiFi password on your receipt.

Event Time and Location

Who is it for?

This course is suitable for beginners in Python programming and anyone interested in learning to code. Whether you are a student, a newcomer to the workplace, or a programming enthusiast, you are welcome to join our study session.

Course Content

  • Python basic syntax
  • Data types and variables
  • Control structures (conditionals and loops)
  • Functions and modules
  • Basic file operations
  • Simple project practice

How to Participate

  1. Arrive at Calibear Cyber Cafe by 2:00 PM every Sunday.
  2. Purchase any item in the store to get the WiFi password.
  3. Find the study group in the designated area and join us for learning and discussion.

Interaction and Sharing

During the event, we will have free exchange and sharing sessions. Anyone can become a teacher and share their knowledge and experiences. Even if you just want to chat and make new friends, you are very welcome. Feel free to ask questions, share learning insights and programming experiences, help each other, and progress together.

Number of Participants

If the number of participants is small, the event will be conducted in a self-study manner. You can still study and code quietly here. If you have any technical questions, feel free to contact our staff, and they will be happy to help you solve them.

We look forward to the participation of every programming enthusiast. Come to Calibear Cyber Cafe and learn Python with us!


大家好,我们计划每周日下午在 Calibear 举办一个免费的 Python 初学者学习会。欢迎大家每周日下午来到 Calibear,与其他同学交流 Python 及其他编程语言的问题。


不需要额外支付课程费用。您只需在店内购买任意商品,如瓶装水、奶茶、小吃等,购买后您会在收据上获得 WiFi 密码。



本课程适合 Python 编程的初学者以及对编程感兴趣的朋友。无论您是学生、职场新人,还是编程爱好者,都欢迎加入我们的学习会。


  • Python 基础语法
  • 数据类型和变量
  • 控制结构(条件语句和循环)
  • 函数和模块
  • 基本的文件操作
  • 简单项目实战


  1. 每周日下午 2:00 准时到达 Calibear Cyber Cafe。
  2. 在店内购买任意商品,以获取 WiFi 密码。
  3. 在指定区域找到学习小组,加入我们的学习和讨论。





期待每一位编程爱好者的参与,快来 Calibear Cyber Cafe 一起学习 Python 吧!