About us

Calibear Cyber Cafe - Your Ultimate Gaming and Social Hub 🎮☕️

Welcome to Calibear Cyber Cafe, nestled in the picturesque heart of Sunnyvale (Address: 1336 S Mary Ave, Sunnyvale, CA 94087). Since 2017, we have been committed to fostering a community brimming with enthusiasm and friendliness. Whether you're a pro gamer, a casual player, or simply looking for a cozy spot for social gatherings or work, Calibear is your perfect choice!

🕒 Business Hours

We are open all year round, inviting you to visit us during the following hours. Should there be any special holiday closures, updates will be provided on Google Map:

Day Business Hours (PM-AM)
Monday 13:00–01:00
Tuesday 13:00–01:00
Wednesday 13:00–01:00
Thursday 13:00–01:00
Friday 13:00–01:00
Saturday 13:00–01:00
Sunday 13:00–01:00

🎮 Games and Entertainment

PC Rental: Equipped with high-performance computers, suitable for all your gaming and office needs.

Billiard & Automatic Mahjong Tables: Enjoy the fun of non-virtual games with two automatic mahjong tables and a billiard table.

  • Mahjong tables are $40 per hour, $100 for 3 hours.
  • Billiard table is $20 per hour, $50 for 3 hours.

Board Game Area: We offer a wide selection of board games for all types of players.

  • In-house board games are categorized into free and paid games. Rental fees for paid games are $10 per hour for groups of 6 or fewer. For more than 6 players, the fee is $20 per hour. Only one board game can be rented at a time, and you may rent another once you return the previous one.

☕️ Food and Beverage Services

In addition to gaming, you can enjoy our selection of bubble tea, snacks, and refreshments, carefully chosen to please your palate.

You can place orders online through our website, with support for quick payment using Apple Pay or Google Pay without the need to register an account or enter card details. Don't forget to note your seat number when ordering so our staff can deliver your items right to your seat.

Online Order Website: https://order.calibearcybercafe.com/

🤝 Community and Events

  • Find Like-minded Friends: Calibear is more than just a gaming venue; it's a community. We encourage players to interact, discuss, and share, ensuring everyone can find common ground.
  • Team Up for Gaming: Bring your friends and dive into thrilling team battles. We provide the best network environment to ensure a seamless gaming experience.
  • Private Room Rental: Need some privacy? We offer two private rooms, each equipped with 5 high-performance PCs, perfect for team strategy discussions or private gatherings.
  • Minecraft Server: Did you know? We have set up a Minecraft server in the Calibear store for everyone to enjoy. The server, named Boba Cat Server, offers more information and a platform for friendly interactions with other players on the server website https://boba.cat/ or our Discord server https://discord.gg/9z9hyJpFVx.
  • Seasonal and Periodic Events: We frequently host events on Calibear's Discord server, sometimes offline, sometimes online. We also welcome players to initiate their events. Everything awaits your participation on Discord.

📞 Contact Information

Calibear Cyber Cafe - 您的游戏和社交圣地 🎮☕️

欢迎来到 Calibear Cyber Cafe,位于风景秀丽的Sunnyvale市心脏地带(地址: 1336 S Mary Ave, Sunnyvale, CA 94087),自2017年以来,我们一直致力于打造一个充满热情与友好气氛的社区环境。不论您是电竞高手、休闲玩家,还是寻找轻松社或办公交场所的朋友们,Calibear都是您理想的选择!

🕒 营业时间

我们全年开放,欢迎您在以下时间光临,如果有特殊节假日公休,我们会在Google Map上进行更新:

日期 营业时间(PM-AM)
星期一 13:00–01:00
星期二 13:00–01:00
星期三 13:00–01:00
星期四 13:00–01:00
星期五 13:00–01:00
星期六 13:00–01:00
星期日 13:00–01:00

🎮 游戏与娱乐


台球桌 & 自动麻将桌:提供两个自动麻将桌和一个台球桌,让您与朋友享受非虚拟游戏的乐趣。

  • 麻将桌每小时$40,3小时$100。
  • 台球桌每小时$20,3小时$50。


  • 店内的桌游分为免费桌游以及付费桌游,付费桌游收费标准为6人以下时,租赁桌游价格为$10每小时,当人数超过6人时,价格变更为$20每小时,一次性只能租赁一个桌游,当您归还前一个桌游时,你可以再次租赁其他桌游。

☕️ 餐饮服务


你可以在我们的网站进行线上点单,支持使用Apple Pay或者Google Pay进行快速支付且无需注册账号以及填写银行卡号即可下单,不要忘记在下单时备注您的座位号码,这样我们的工作人员可以将物品送至您的座位。


🤝 社区与活动

  • 寻找志同道合的朋友:Calibear不仅是一个游戏场所,更是一个社区。我们鼓励玩家交流、讨论和分享,让每个人都能找到共鸣。
  • 开黑战队:带上您的朋友,参与紧张刺激的团队对抗,我们提供最佳的网络环境,确保您的游戏体验无忧。
  • 独立包间租赁:需要私密空间?我们有两个独立包间,每个包间配备5台高性能电脑,适合团队战术讨论和私密聚会。
  • Minecraft服务器:你知道吗,我们在Calibear店内搭建了一台Minecraft 服务器供大家游玩,服务器的名字叫Boba Cat Server,你可以在服务器网站https://boba.cat/上或者Discord服务器https://discord.gg/9z9hyJpFVx中获得更多信息以及与其他玩家进行友好交流。
  • 季节或周期性活动:在Calibear的Discord服务器中我们会经常举行活动,有时候是线下的,有时候是线上的,同时我们也很欢迎玩家自发举行活动,一切尽在Discord中等待你的参与。

📞 联系方式

来Calibear Cyber Cafe,享受最棒的游戏体验,找到最好的玩伴,畅享精彩的社交生活!我们期待您的光临!