Welcome to Calibear Cyber Cafe's PC Rental Pricing Guide for 2024!

We're thrilled to introduce our range of affordable and flexible PC rental options for our valued customers. Whether you're a casual gamer, a hardcore enthusiast, or looking for a cozy, private gaming experience, we've got something for everyone!

Regular PC Options

Ideal for casual gaming, web browsing, or getting some work done.

  • Hourly Fun: Enjoy gaming or browsing at just $6 per person for 1 hr.
  • Game Passes: Dive deeper into gaming with our value-packed passes:
    • $15 per person for a 3 hrs Game Pass.
    • $50 per person for a marathon 14 hrs Game Pass.
  • Day and Monthly Passes: For the ultimate gaming enthusiast:
    • $40 for a Day Pass per person - game to your heart's content!
    • $319 for a Monthly Pass per person - a gamer's dream come true!

Regular PC Options Charts

Offer Duration Price (Per Person)
Hourly Fun 1 hr $6
3 hrs Game Pass 3 hrs $15
14 hrs Game Pass 14 hrs $50
Day Pass 1 Day $40
Monthly Pass 1 Month $319

VIP Private Room PC Options

For those who prefer a more exclusive and private gaming environment.

  • Premium Hourly Rate: $8 per person for 1 hr of luxury and privacy.
  • VIP Game Passes: Elevate your gaming experience with our VIP passes:
    • $21 per person for a 3 hrs VIP Game Pass.
    • $90 per person for a 14 hrs VIP Game Pass.
  • VIP Day and Monthly Passes: Indulge in the ultimate gaming luxury:
    • $80 for a VIP Day Pass per person - includes unlimited access to both Regular PC and Private Room PC.
    • $339 for a VIP Monthly Pass per person - the pinnacle of gaming, offering unlimited access to all our gaming facilities.

VIP Private Room PC Options Charts

Offer Duration Price (Per Person)
Premium Hourly Rate 1 hr $8
3 hrs VIP Game Pass 3 hrs $21
14 hrs VIP Game Pass 14 hrs $90
VIP Day Pass 1 Day $80
VIP Monthly Pass 1 Month $339

Important Note

  • All game passes must be purchased through a computer after logging in. Our front desk is dedicated to recharging your account balance to ensure a smooth and worry-free gaming experience, ensuring that you complete your game pass purchase within 5 minutes of logging into your computer in case the default rate starts deducting your balance.
  • Game passes can be stacked. Passes in different areas (VIP or Lobby) cannot be interoperable. You can have multiple passes at the same time. They will automatically activate the next pass after the currently activated pass is consumed.

Choose the option that suits your gaming style and budget, and dive into the ultimate gaming adventure at Calibear Cyber Cafe!





  • 小时乐趣:每人每小时仅需6美元,尽情游戏或浏览。
  • 游戏通行证:通过我们性价比高的通行证更深入地体验游戏:
    • 每人15美元的3小时游戏通行证
    • 每人50美元的14小时游戏通行证
  • 日通行证与月通行证:为极致游戏爱好者提供:
    • 每人40美元的日通行证 — 尽情游戏!
    • 每人319美元的月通行证 — 每个游戏玩家的梦想!


服务 时长 价格(每人)
小时乐趣 1小时 $6
3小时游戏通行证 3小时 $15
14小时游戏通行证 14小时 $50
日通行证 1天 $40
月通行证 1月 $319



  • 高级小时费率:每人每小时8美元,享受奢华与私密。
  • VIP游戏通行证:通过我们的VIP通行证提升您的游戏体验:
    • 每人21美元的3小时VIP游戏通行证
    • 每人90美元的14小时VIP游戏通行证
  • VIP日通行证与月通行证:尽享游戏奢华:
    • 每人80美元的VIP日通行证 — 包括常规PC和私人房间PC的无限制访问。
    • 每人339美元的VIP月通行证 — 游戏的巅峰体验,提供对所有游戏设施的无限制访问。


服务 时长 价格(每人)
高级小时费率 1小时 $8
3小时VIP游戏通行证 3小时 $21
14小时VIP游戏通行证 14小时 $90
VIP日通行证 1天 $80
VIP月通行证 1月 $339


  • 所有游戏通行证必须在登录后通过电脑购买。我们的前台专注于为您的账户充值,确保您有一个顺畅无忧的游戏体验,并确保您在登录电脑后5分钟内完成游戏通行证购买,以免默认费率开始扣除您的余额。
  • 游戏通行证可以叠加。不同区域(VIP或大厅)的通行证不能互通。您可以同时拥有多个通行证。当前激活的通行证消耗完。