Calibear Games List and System change log

System change logs:


Update to the latest Nvidia graphics drivers, version numbers: 441.08, Updated: 2019.10.29.


Hello player! Because our desktop icon software (Fences) could not display the icon normally after following Windows startup, we found that the compatibility of Windows 10 LTSC version caused this error, and today this problem has been solved. At the same time, we updated Nvidia graphics driver, the current driver version is: 436.02, the driver release date: 08/20/2019, I wish you have fun at Calibear Cyber Cafe!


Pre-installed LAN chat software, which allows users to transfer files and send messages on the LAN. This software will follow Windows startup. If you don’t need it, you can manually end its process after Windows starts.

Note: You can see the source code of the software below.


Optimized the unnecessary features of Windows10, re-tuned cache technology will make our computer hard drive faster, the following is the score chart of CrystalDiskMark, this update will increase the disk performance by 20% compared to before, and added a MSI Afterburner overclocking profile for our graphics card, you can find MSI Afterburner in the taskbar in the lower right corner.


We made some minor changes to the desktop, hiding all kinds of unnecessary small symbols, now it looks much cleaner than before, cleaned up the system running and files generated by Windows updates, now the C drive has more disk space. At the same time, the response speed will be faster. In the taskbar, we added a gadget (Monitor Ping), an application for judging the quality of the network, you can easily see the network quality of all processes connected to the external network. In addition, in the Wallpaper Engine, several new wallpaper files have been added. If you log in to your Steam account, you can download or subscribe to other Steam Workshop files.


A few CSGO players asked us to pre-install the ESEA game client on the computer. On the desktop, you can see the ESEA icon. In addition, the GeForce Experience is updated. The graphics driver is the latest. Please contact technical support if you have any needs:


Added several new game shortcuts on the desktop, added common voice software and social software, improved the image configuration file of PUBG, added individual office software in the Office Tools folder of E disk, Games of E disk Tools for Logitech and Razer have been added to Tools, and MSI graphics overclocking software has been added. Please note that individual games must be launched via the shortcut on the desktop. If the program does not respond for a long time, please try the right-click administrator to run the program.


The reason why Fortnite can’t run has been fixed. Added Battlefield 1, Battlefield 5, World War Z, fixed the bug that the desktop icon can’t run, added three wallpaper files, perfected the grouping on the desktop “Calibear APP” application features,for game download request, please submit a message to let us know !

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+1 (408) 703-7070

Pre-installed Games List:

Note: (*) Means Free to play game

Update Time:3/14/2020


Your personal information will be automatically cleared after the computer is turned off. Calibear Cyber Cafe guarantees that no personal data will be collected. Some games need to be purchased by you, otherwise it will not able to run. All pre-installed software is carefully screened and confirmed by us. There will be no malware. If your account is installed because of your own malware or other game-breaking rules on your computer, it will be blocked or other issues. Calibear Cyber Cafe does not assume any responsibility, please do not use any cheats! Please take care of our keyboard and mouse. If there is equipment damage during your use, you can ask our front desk to replace or replace the machine. If your equipment is damaged due to human operation, you need to pay us the compensation. Thank you for visiting our website and wish you a wonderful day!

CESC CS:GO Tournament (Season 1) 4.15.2019

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