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Update to the latest Nvidia graphics drivers, version numbers: 441.08, Updated: 2019.10.29.



Hello player! Because our desktop icon software (Fences) could not display the icon normally after following Windows startup, we found that the compatibility of Windows 10 LTSC version caused this error, and today this problem has been solved. At the same time, we updated Nvidia graphics driver, the current driver version is: 436.02, the driver release date: 08/20/2019, I wish you have fun at Calibear Cyber Cafe!

你好玩家!因为我们的桌面图标软件(Fences)在跟随Windows启动后无法正常显示图标,我们发现是Windows 10 LTSC版本的兼容性导致了这个错误,今天这个问题得到了解决。同时,我们更新了Nvidia显卡驱动,目前的驱动版本为:436.02,驱动发布日期:08/20/2019,祝你在Calibear Cyber Cafe玩得开心!


Pre-installed LAN chat software, which allows users to transfer files and send messages on the LAN. This software will follow Windows startup. If you don’t need it, you can manually end its process after Windows starts.

Note: You can see the source code of the software below.




Optimized the unnecessary features of Windows10, re-tuned cache technology will make our computer hard drive faster, the following is the score chart of CrystalDiskMark, this update will increase the disk performance by 20% compared to before, and added a MSI Afterburner overclocking profile for our graphics card, you can find MSI Afterburner in the taskbar in the lower right corner.

优化了Windows10不必要的功能,重新调整过的缓存技术会让我们的电脑硬盘更快,下面是CrystalDiskMark的分数图,这次的更新会让磁盘性能相对之前提升20%,另外在MSI Afterburner里添加了一个显卡超频预设档案,你可以在右下角的任务栏内找到MSI Afterburner。


We made some minor changes to the desktop, hiding all kinds of unnecessary small symbols, now it looks much cleaner than before, cleaned up the system running and files generated by Windows updates, now the C drive has more disk space. At the same time, the response speed will be faster. In the taskbar, we added a gadget (Monitor Ping), an application for judging the quality of the network, you can easily see the network quality of all processes connected to the external network. In addition, in the Wallpaper Engine, several new wallpaper files have been added. If you log in to your Steam account, you can download or subscribe to other Steam Workshop files.

我们对桌面做了些小的修改,隐藏了各种不需要的小符号,现在它看上去比之前干净多了,清理了系统运行以及Windows更新产生的文件,现在C盘有更大的磁盘空间了,同时响应速度也会更快。在任务栏,我们添加了一个小工具(Monitor Ping),这是一个用于判断网络质量的应用程序,你可以轻松的看到一切与外网连接的进程的网络质量。另外在Wallpaper Engine里,添加了几个新的壁纸文件,如果你登录你的Steam账号,你可以下载或订阅别的Steam创意工坊文件。


A few CSGO players asked us to pre-install the ESEA game client on the computer. On the desktop, you can see the ESEA icon. In addition, the GeForce Experience is updated. The graphics driver is the latest. Please contact technical support if you have any needs:

有少数CSGO玩家要求我们在电脑里预装ESEA游戏客户端,在桌面上你可以看到ESEA的图标,另外更新了GeForce Experience,显卡驱动为最新,有任何需要请联系技术支持


Added several new game shortcuts on the desktop, added common voice software and social software, improved the image configuration file of PUBG, added individual office software in the Office Tools folder of E disk, Games of E disk Tools for Logitech and Razer have been added to Tools, and MSI graphics overclocking software has been added. Please note that individual games must be launched via the shortcut on the desktop. If the program does not respond for a long time, please try the right-click administrator to run the program.

在桌面上添加了几个新的游戏快捷方式,添加了常用的语音软件和社交软件,完善了PUBG的图像配置文件,在E盘的Office Tools文件夹里添加了个别办公软件,E盘的Games Tools里添加了罗技和雷蛇的驱动程序,添加了MSI显卡超频软件,请注意,个别游戏必须通过桌面上快捷方式启动,如果程序长时间未响应,请尝试右键管理员运行该程序。


The reason why Fortnite can’t run has been fixed. Added Battlefield 1, Battlefield 5, World War Z, fixed the bug that the desktop icon can’t run, added three wallpaper files, perfected the grouping on the desktop “Calibear APP” application features,for game download request, please submit a message to let us know !

Fortnite无法运行的原因已得到修复。 添加了战地1,战地5,僵尸世界大战,修复了桌面图标无法运行的错误,添加了三个壁纸文件在WallPaper engine内,完善了桌面上的图标分组“Calibear APP”内的应用功能,对于游戏下载请求,请在下方提交留言 告诉我们!

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Note: (*) Means Free to play game

Update Time:3/14/2020


Your personal information will be automatically cleared after the computer is turned off. Calibear Cyber Cafe guarantees that no personal data will be collected. Some games need to be purchased by you, otherwise it will not able to run. All pre-installed software is carefully screened and confirmed by us. There will be no malware. If your account is installed because of your own malware or other game-breaking rules on your computer, it will be blocked or other issues. Calibear Cyber Cafe does not assume any responsibility, please do not use any cheats! Please take care of our keyboard and mouse. If there is equipment damage during your use, you can ask our front desk to replace or replace the machine. If your equipment is damaged due to human operation, you need to pay us the compensation. Thank you for visiting our website and wish you a wonderful day!

您的个人信息将会在电脑关机后自动清除,Calibear Cyber Cafe保证不会收集任何个人数据,部分游戏需要您本人自行购买,否则将无法运行,所有预装软件都是经过我们的仔细筛选,确认不会有任何恶意软件,您向Steam等网络游戏平台的购买与本公司没有任何关系,如果你的账号因为您本人在电脑上安装恶意软件或其他破坏游戏规则而导致的账号封禁或其他问题,Calibear Cyber Cafe不负任何相应责任,请不要使用任何作弊软件!请爱惜我们的键盘和鼠标,如果在您使用的过程中有设备损坏可以向我们的前台要求更换或者更换机器,如果是您的人为操作导致设备损坏,您需要向我们支付相应赔偿。感谢您访问我们的网站,祝您有美好的一天!

After booting, please right click on any location on the desktop to wake up the desktop icon!
After booting, please right click on any location on the desktop to wake up the desktop icon!